Sunday, 10 July 2016

So Much Has Happened

So much has happened since my last post.

Heidi thankfully recovered from her overnight stay at the vet's.
Although she's getting older now ( we think around 12) she can't walk very far.. but still manages to eat a good meal.

Sophie's turn to go to the vets this week.  She's lost 6 teeth.  She had such a bad start in life being a rescue dog. Hardly feed, certainly never taken to the vets for a check up.

She's back to chewing her carrots again now and even wanted to chase rabbits today.

I celebrated my 50th birthday since my last post.  My husband bought me a wonderful presenter.

It's not new... but I couldn't have been happier with what I received.  Which was...

A caravan overlooking the sea,  or as we like to  call it "Our  Happy Place"

It has  decking around the side and front and over looks the Bristol Channel. Where I can see and pass the time away with a good book a coffee or a glass of wine.

Ilfracombe and Lundy Island.

I never get sick of looking at the view from my window.
Especially when it stormy.

The girls have made lot's of new friends here and love the beach and
all the new smells.

I hope to spend lot's off long happy days here. In my Happy Place.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Poorly Basset

Poor  Baby.....

My Beautiful Basset Heidi, had to spend a night at the  emergency vets recently, as she was take poorly with a sickness bug.  Once thing led to another and she dehydrated rather rapidly.  
We rushed her to the emergency vets, where they told fantastic care of her, Thank you Helen and Chris.
After some anti sickness meds, anitbiotics and IV fluids.. by the morning she was barking for her breakfast ( I would like to think she was barking for me).  The vets soon rang for me to collect her.

All is well now thank goodness.  But she did give us quite a scare.  She's back home on her sofa now where she belongs with be best budd Sophie.  Happy Days,

Now for a bit of card making.

 Love this die, used in the  card shown below.  It's  by  Memory Box, Poppy Stamp Die, Large Iceland Poppy.

The background is a Tim Holtz stamps that I've had for ages and never got round to using until now..
I was inspired to make this card by  an amazing card maker/artist ( because excellent card making is an art), called Jennifer McGuire.  I hope it's ok to post her you tube  link here.. so that you can all see her amazing work.

The following cards are all from Memory Box Dies.. yes I've fallen in love with them once again.

Oh would you look at these stamps... I just love them, discovered a company called ..
AlteNew and won't be happy until I have all their flower stamps.  The Happy Birthday is a Spellbinders  Die by Sue Wilson and I find it's one I now use all the time Just Love it.

You will be blown away by these stamps... they are so cleverly  designed, please take a look at ....

My next post, hopefully  will be about flowers made from crepe paper....
here's a little taster
Find Time To Craft....

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I'm Still Alive.

Yes I'm still around.  I've made a few cards.. not very many and nothing to write home about.
Since going full time in work instead of my 6 hours a day ( say ah) there doesn't seem to be much time for anything, other than work, home, dogs and housework..... or is it that i'm just feeling old.

Anyway here's one card I made.  

Here's another .... and another

(Can you spot the sheep)? lol

My girls are both doing fine. They are so sweet togeather.
No 1 daughter ( only daughter ) is home for a little while to save some money.
I forgot to show you last years Christmas present she made me... I was so pleased with it......

And My final card was inspired by my friend Anne... I just put a Christmas spin on it.
And I learned to make little icing flowers... more that just one type.. but this was all I remember to take a picture of.  Autumn is on it's way. ... it's starting to get cold... Next post will be all about my new log burner lol   xxRosxx

Monday, 24 September 2012

I've made a card!!!!

Well I've made a few cards but I keep  forgetting  to take photo's of them lol.

The following pics I've taken using my trusty Nokia phone camera.

Magnolia are still one of my favourite stamp companies.  I haven't bought any new ones for quite some time... but the old ones haven't been used half enough.

Look here's another one. Rachael loves owls, this one was for her.

This is my very pretty girl..Miss Sophie and below is " One man and his dogs".

Hubby and the girls on our usual morning walk.
More cards soon!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Then there were two

Meet our new addition... well not that new, Miss Sophie has been with us for about 7 months now
and what a pleasure it is to have her in our home.

Miss Sophie is a rescue dog  and that is all we know about her.
When we first met her you could see every bone in her body she was so painfully thin and her now beautiful eyes just stared blankly... they never showed any  emotion she never looked at us when  when we spoke to her... her eyes were filled with emptiness.

Miss Sophie had a fantastic foster mother who took care of her when she was first rescued she showed Sophie what it was to be loved and slowly but surely she has grown into a beautiful hound
I'm sure you'll agree... she has the most beautiful eyes..and when she looks at us now she makes our hearts melt. (Miss Sophie is the one at the front of the picture),

Our Heidi loves her new friend she now has someone to chase in the park and to cuddle up to on the sofa and she's very chilled about the whole thing and you can see in the picture below.

I wish more people would consider taking on a rescue dog, puppies are adorable but rescue dogs have a real need of a loving home.

It is so rewarding working with them, getting them to trust you, encouraging them to play. The  love they bestow on you makes you feel so honored  that they've chosen you to love.

Oh I forgot.. I've not made a lot of cards lately.. well next to none really,  but I did have a go at making some flowers from a book that my good friend Lorna sent me Thanks Lorna.!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Heidi Update

Just wanted to post my new photo's of Heidi.

She's such a sweet girl, I'm so glad that we took the decision to have her.
When I win the lottery I'll by a house with lot's of land.. so that I can have a few more Basset's and go for lovely long walks.

I Recently purchased a  Serif digi scapbooking CD.  Going to have a play and see what I think
Hopefully I'll be writing about a craft
post soon!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Some of Rachaels work.

I wanted to show some of Rachael's work.. it's been a while.
Here's her latest frog created in pencil.
I wish I had her talent.

There's also my last mothers day card a little Elephant who's glancing at a butterfly ahhhhhh.

A quick sketch of a Polar Bear with her cubs.. One of my favorites.

I asked her to draw me an Easter Bunny as I couldn't find anything I liked for my Easter Cards this year.
As it happened I didn't get a chance to use the images... but they will be ready and waiting for next year.


Rachael passed her purpel belt in Jitsu this year... Well Done Babes.  Mo Manning had just the right image for the occasion.

Here's a few card pics I found from my favorite Lili of the Valley and Magnolia.
Happy Crafting

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