Sunday, 25 October 2009

My Little me will always be... the prettiest flower in the garden.
I've discovered a software package
called Serif Pageplus 9
which allows me to play with words.. and how they are laid out.
I just love it.. I can wrap words in a circle...and lot's of different shapes...

I intend to experiment some more and hopefully post some results.

I used it to make the heading of this Layout of my DD Rachael.
She was such a happy little girl.
When we are together there are always lot's of smiles.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Just a few cards

I thought it was time I posted something for Lorna.. you must be getting fed up of not having anything new to look at so here goes.

Rachael my darling daughter starts her second year of university today.
I think she'll be glad to have a reason to get up in the mornings again..... or maybe not lol....

I just had to post a picture of the birthday card she made for me.. because I'm so proud of her. A beautiful Basset Hound looking longingly at it's little birthday cup cake. I was so pleased with what she had drawn for me.

and the bird is a little "Thank You" card she made which I quickly took a pic of before she sent it.
Proud Mums... what can I say... Ssshhh don't tell.

Below are some cards i've recently made for some birthday's etc... Happy Crafting..

Until the next time....

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