Monday, 25 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Sorry the happy new year is long over due.. but hey better late than never. Lets hope this year brings something nice for each of us.
Lorna this post is in honour of you as your the reason I'm making an effort. You have two young sons, a husband,home and a job .. and you still have time to update you blog. Your Amazing!
Thank you for the Lovely papers you sent me... I've used them for the L/O posted
I hope you approve.

Well it's Goodbye to 2009. Hello 2010

What a year.. Rachael is in her second year of Uni, moved in to her first shared house and is having a great time.... which is how it should be.
2009 is the year I lost my beloved Basset Hound Megan. She is greatly missed.

Molly Darling, our remaining dog, enjoyed the recent snowfall

She is such a good natured dog, a well loved eating nose on 4 little legs...

2009 also landed me in hospital for a month with a blood clot in my lung..No 2.. but I'm on the mend now, you just can't keep a good women down.

I've made a few cards but not many..and not my best. My Mojo is only currently returning to me.. spurd on by Tim Holtz getting together with Sizzix... to produce some of the best dies i've seen in a long, long time.. Thank You Sizzix and Tim. I can't wait to get my hands on them!

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