Monday, 24 September 2012

I've made a card!!!!

Well I've made a few cards but I keep  forgetting  to take photo's of them lol.

The following pics I've taken using my trusty Nokia phone camera.

Magnolia are still one of my favourite stamp companies.  I haven't bought any new ones for quite some time... but the old ones haven't been used half enough.

Look here's another one. Rachael loves owls, this one was for her.

This is my very pretty girl..Miss Sophie and below is " One man and his dogs".

Hubby and the girls on our usual morning walk.
More cards soon!

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Lorna May said...

gorgeous, gorgeous cards!!
KNow why Manolia are your favourite stamps.
Bet the owl was loved :o)
Look at Sophies just want to give her a fuss.
Lovely post.

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