Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I'm Still Alive.

Yes I'm still around.  I've made a few cards.. not very many and nothing to write home about.
Since going full time in work instead of my 6 hours a day ( say ah) there doesn't seem to be much time for anything, other than work, home, dogs and housework..... or is it that i'm just feeling old.

Anyway here's one card I made.  

Here's another .... and another

(Can you spot the sheep)? lol

My girls are both doing fine. They are so sweet togeather.
No 1 daughter ( only daughter ) is home for a little while to save some money.
I forgot to show you last years Christmas present she made me... I was so pleased with it......

And My final card was inspired by my friend Anne... I just put a Christmas spin on it.
And I learned to make little icing flowers... more that just one type.. but this was all I remember to take a picture of.  Autumn is on it's way. ... it's starting to get cold... Next post will be all about my new log burner lol   xxRosxx

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