Thursday, 19 May 2011

Some of Rachaels work.

I wanted to show some of Rachael's work.. it's been a while.
Here's her latest frog created in pencil.
I wish I had her talent.

There's also my last mothers day card a little Elephant who's glancing at a butterfly ahhhhhh.

A quick sketch of a Polar Bear with her cubs.. One of my favorites.

I asked her to draw me an Easter Bunny as I couldn't find anything I liked for my Easter Cards this year.
As it happened I didn't get a chance to use the images... but they will be ready and waiting for next year.


Rachael passed her purpel belt in Jitsu this year... Well Done Babes.  Mo Manning had just the right image for the occasion.

Here's a few card pics I found from my favorite Lili of the Valley and Magnolia.
Happy Crafting

Cards... What are they

I've almost forgotten that I make cards and though I haven't made many lately ( cooking seems to be the "in thing" with me at the moment) I have been practicing my colouring.

There's always my favorite Magnolia images. ( Left)

Mo Manning -Oh Wow  Her Didi images are a real  delight to colour.
So affordable and what I really like is that you can re-size them to fit what ever size card size your making. Check out her website. I know there will be at least one image you will fall in love with.

Lili Of The Valley - Fantastic company the prices they charge for high quality rubber stamps is amazing and the images so adorable.
I have made loads of cards using thier images... but just forgotten to take picture.  (Note to myself must do better).  If you've not seen thier website  check out thier Card Gallery is well worth a look....
Last but not least there is a lady who doesn't make stamps as of yet.
I'm hopeful she will in the future.
She's  designed a number of die's all of them Lush. ( is that an old fashioned word?).
Her work is an inspiration to me.  She's such a great girl always happy to answer any question regarding anything from what paper to use to colouring technics.
Spend some time looking through Jane's blog.  You won't be dissapointed.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Here's Heidi

I Love this picture of Heidi (left). I think it makes her look young, almost puppy like. The vet has aged her around 7.  The down side of having a  rescue dog is that you know very little of their prior history.

She seems to be enjoying her life with us so far.  Her first day at home was  spent running in and out from the house to the garden. She just couldn't get over the freedom of being able to go outside on her own.  If I moved away  from  the doorway where she couldn't see me she would come racing  back to the house .....she really lacks confidence.

Day by day bit by bit she is starting to trust us and is settling into a routine.
After a visit to the vet where she had 7 teeth removed, ears cleaned , nails trimmed and shampoo for her dry skin (probably due to her previously poor diet.) She is starting to look a little healthier

I'm trying to think  of ways to  get her to play which may sound silly but all she's ever  known is a cage.   If I had to describe Heidi I would say she is a serious dog that if she were a human  would be one that never smiled.  Which makes it even more special when on the rare occasion she wags her tail for us showing her happiness. She has only been with us for 12 days..... and we have 7 years of nastiness to undo.

She gets  crazy when smelling something for the first time almost like a dog possessed there's no doubt her favorite smell at the moment is chicken.

Like all Basset Hounds Heidi has found the most comfortable place to lay her head.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Meet My New Best Friend.


My first rescue hound
Read her story below......
Puppy farm dogs put up for adoption by RSPCA

Dogs damaged by the conditions they were kept in on a puppy farm are being put up for adoption by an RSPCA centre. Llys Nini RSPCA in Swansea has cared for 21 adult dogs taken from a site in Pembrokeshire, but says the animals are not used to being outdoors or on leads.

Heidi,  has not learnt how to play because she has been locked up all her life, she is 7 years old.
They dogs have been kept separate from other dogs while used for breeding, said the RSPCA's Alison Lenihan. She said: "They don't know how to play."

The centre, at Penllergaer, was part of a joint operation with the Dogs Trust and Pembrokeshire council's animal health team which removed 41 dogs from the Pemrokeshire establishment.
The rest of the removed dogs are in Dogs Trust centres around the UK.
"These dogs are a bit agoraphobi and are  not used to socialising with humans.

"Whoever adopts them needs to be aware of this. They are not going to be adopting dogs who are ready for the home.
"They don't know basic commands. They don't know the word 'no' or how to play. They have never been in that situation with humans. She  have lived her life in isolation. Never shown kindness or Love.

I'll keep you posted on her progress......

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