Friday, 8 August 2008


Me again... hello...

Just to report the birthday went fine.. cake nice.. present..(new laptop and game for ps3) selfish really ..I want Rachael to stay in touch when she goes to UNI in September so thats the price we had to pay.. the gift was well received.

Went to see the new Bat Man movie.. it was really good.. but I always start wondering what I could be doing.. if I wasn't sat there for 2 hours watching a movie....I get so bored no matter how good the movie is... funny cause I never
get bored looking at craft things hahahhaha..I think i't's called selective boardom.

Visited Frankie and Bennies for a lunch time treat and couldn't move for at least two hourse after one of thier Manhattan Bugers.... but sooooo tasty.

A quick word about Rachael's card.. my little art student loves things that are .. well ...arty.. but i'm still getting used to that way of doing not my best card .. be she assures me i'm getting better at the "Art THING".

Strange how taste's change.. two years ago I did her a Final Fantasy card using parchment.. it's funny to look back on what we liked then

Hubby has just gone to pick up my new car...
but that's tomorrow blog.


Wednesday, 6 August 2008

It Don't Mean A Thing .. If It Ain't Got That Swing

Day three of my week off....

I have been determined lately.. (and I know we all say this) to use up some of the craft stash I have before I buy anymore.

One of my most recent purchases was a Tagger...
I think they are great fun.. the monkeys on the card have been attached using a tagger.. and you should see them swing. I love movement on a card..don't you think it makes them so much more fun esp for children.

The little heart card.. (a notelet sent to me by my good friend Lorna..Thank You) has a swinging heart .. the tagger is just so easy to use and so strong so it's great with heavier metal objects.. ( make the hole in the metal first...yes you learn from experience.. hahahhha ).

I'm not getting on very well with ideas for my daughters card...( it's her birthday tomorrow).
The one I made yesterday is much more suited to a more mature person don't you think?
So, I'll keep this for my mother in law's birthday next month...Only lord knows what she will think of my stitching but hey..I like the child like quality hahaha . the card is ok but it's just not Rachael.
So guess what I'm doing today...baking a cake and more card making... who0ppppppppiiiiieeee

I could get used to this time off work!!!!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Birthday Cards

I suppose now that I have a blog I'd better write something in it.
I have a week off from work..and so I intend to spend at least some of my time crafting.
The cards i've posted are for my neice's birthday. (hope she likes them)

I adore these stamps.. they are from the Diva range.. Rubber Romance

I envy other bloggers because thier picture always seem to look great on their web sites.

What is the secret to taking a good picture and posting it what am I doing wrong.. Should I scan or take pics..Can anyone help.

Maybe its time I treated myself to a new camera.. but with a daughter going to art uni this year.. I think I may be pushing my luck..
Still.. birthday coming up next month..I live in hope

It's my daughters birthday on Thursay.. 19 already.. my how the time fly's..
(when people said that to me when I was younger I used to think.. Oh ya.. )
but now I know what they mean ... anyway.... have to come up with an idea for a card...
for the art student .. as my husband calls her...Oh the pressure..

Wish Me Luck

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