Saturday, 30 October 2010

Oh My Goodness

I can't believe the last time I posted was Rachael's 21st Birthday... That was in August!

 It was also the time that I lost my Beloved Basset Molly.  Maybe that's why I haven't posted.
Which starts me thinking about crafting... and how we feel when we are making a card, project etc.

Can you craft when your sad...are you someone that can loose  themselves in their craft and forget about all other problems. 
If we are sad/happy does it show  in our work.
I don't think I'm very good at crafting when I'm sad... I just can't seem to get started on any kind of project.
So it must be that crafting make me happy... and I'm happy when I craft!
Thank goodness I'm not spending a load of money on something that makes me miserable hahahahha

The picture above is something Rachael taught me to make.  It opens up and has a book of post it notes inside and it's kept closed with a little  magnetic snap clasp.  I'll be trying this one again... .Loved it. 

The cuttlebug quilling dies are fast becoming one of my favorites things. Unlike Juile Andrews who apprently likes whiskers on kitten, Obviously not a crafter hahahha

                                                                             Here's a 50th Tunnel birthday card I made for a friend....

Wish I had more time to have played with this  one... but as usual it was last minute, morning of her birthday, quick make.

I love this Magnolia stamp and it was due to a friend sending me a card with it on that made me go out and buy it.  Thanks Anne.xx                 This was a birthday wish for my Mother in Law     
And last but not least a Thank You card for Lorna..xx      for being such a good friend and sending me such wonderful papers.. she always seems to know.. Just what I like

Oh No! Now I have that Julie Andrews song in my head.... and I just know it's going to be stuck there all day.
These were a few of my favorite things ;O)

Happy Crafting!


Lorna May said...

WOW...that blog post was worth the wait...what amazing crafting/art made. The tunnel card is a work of's amazing.
The post it note holders are fantastic I have one on my shelf.
I find if I craft when sad it helps me focus on the happy thing im crafting about...never scrap sad events...perhaps we should.
A great blog post :0)

Anne said...

Oh No!!! It's been aaaaages since I took a good trip around blogland Ros and I'm so sorry I missed these gorgeous, gorgeous projects! I LOVE the cards - absolutely stunning, and beautiful colouring!!

I am so gutted for you losing your beloved Molly - it's something I dread so much with my two. The thought of not having them there just fills me with dread. And No, I can't do anything creative when I'm grieving. I believe you can't put your heart into something when your heart is broken.

It's so good to see you've been busy though Ros, and good to see you back in blogland! {{{HUG}}} xxx

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