Monday, 2 May 2011

Meet My New Best Friend.


My first rescue hound
Read her story below......
Puppy farm dogs put up for adoption by RSPCA

Dogs damaged by the conditions they were kept in on a puppy farm are being put up for adoption by an RSPCA centre. Llys Nini RSPCA in Swansea has cared for 21 adult dogs taken from a site in Pembrokeshire, but says the animals are not used to being outdoors or on leads.

Heidi,  has not learnt how to play because she has been locked up all her life, she is 7 years old.
They dogs have been kept separate from other dogs while used for breeding, said the RSPCA's Alison Lenihan. She said: "They don't know how to play."

The centre, at Penllergaer, was part of a joint operation with the Dogs Trust and Pembrokeshire council's animal health team which removed 41 dogs from the Pemrokeshire establishment.
The rest of the removed dogs are in Dogs Trust centres around the UK.
"These dogs are a bit agoraphobi and are  not used to socialising with humans.

"Whoever adopts them needs to be aware of this. They are not going to be adopting dogs who are ready for the home.
"They don't know basic commands. They don't know the word 'no' or how to play. They have never been in that situation with humans. She  have lived her life in isolation. Never shown kindness or Love.

I'll keep you posted on her progress......

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Lorna May said...

Ahhh hello Heidi :o))she has found a geat friend now.
Is she living at your house??
She is gorgeous. Keep us posted.

How funny we both blogged on same day after such a long time haha.
Lorna XX

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