Saturday, 7 August 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Darling Daughter

Today's the day... My darling daughter in 21 years old.
She's very camera shy...(this is one of the reasons scrap booking is a problem for me... not enough pictures).  So I sneaked a couple of clicks when she wasn'ts looking.
Red Hair =Art Student

Where's my little blonde baby gone?
She's all grown up.

The birthday card I made was quickly done... and put together very late at night.  Admittedly not my best but Rachael loves Orchids and Cherry blossoms.  She also likes very plain, simply, cards. 

Below is one she made for her Dad which I forgot to post.  I found it on the camera while I was downloading pics this morning.
                           I also wanted to say a big "Thank You" to Lorna.. who sent me a wonderful butterfly die to cheer me up.  Thank you Lorna your such as thoughtful friend.  I love my die..Here's a card I made using my it.


Anne said...

BELATED HAPPY 21ST from me Rachael!!! Awww.... where does the time go? I absolutely love her painting of your BH!!! Fantastic! She has a great talent! And your cards are wonderful Ros! The Cherry Blossom is sooo neat, WOW! And I love the butterflies - I'd love that die! Have a great Sunday! :o) xx

Lorna May said...

(sorry its late :(
Hope you enjoyed your day :)
The cherry blossom card is brilliant, you have great ideas and how nice to see Rachael.
(shes inherited her mothers artistic gene).

Love what you have done with the butterfly,it looks like it's taking flight.
Glad you liked it, you deserve a treat.

Hope you all had great weekend :)

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