Wednesday, 6 August 2008

It Don't Mean A Thing .. If It Ain't Got That Swing

Day three of my week off....

I have been determined lately.. (and I know we all say this) to use up some of the craft stash I have before I buy anymore.

One of my most recent purchases was a Tagger...
I think they are great fun.. the monkeys on the card have been attached using a tagger.. and you should see them swing. I love movement on a card..don't you think it makes them so much more fun esp for children.

The little heart card.. (a notelet sent to me by my good friend Lorna..Thank You) has a swinging heart .. the tagger is just so easy to use and so strong so it's great with heavier metal objects.. ( make the hole in the metal first...yes you learn from experience.. hahahhha ).

I'm not getting on very well with ideas for my daughters card...( it's her birthday tomorrow).
The one I made yesterday is much more suited to a more mature person don't you think?
So, I'll keep this for my mother in law's birthday next month...Only lord knows what she will think of my stitching but hey..I like the child like quality hahaha . the card is ok but it's just not Rachael.
So guess what I'm doing today...baking a cake and more card making... who0ppppppppiiiiieeee

I could get used to this time off work!!!!

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Lorna May said...

More great work. It's hard to choose a favourite...I love the way you have used the products, it's inspiring for cardmaker beginners like myself.
PS Straight stitching is for seams NOT craft LOL

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