Sunday, 2 August 2009

My Oh My

Have I really been away from my blog for sooooooo.... Long. Sorry I've been busy with my bosses wedding all finished now.

Here are a few cards I made with my fav.. Magnolia Stamps and Copic Markers. I just LOVE Magnolia stamps... put Magnolia and Copic together and I'm a Happy Girl.
Below is a little Digi Stamp..That I came across on Etsy.

I first saw them on the Stamping Caz web site and had to investigate further as I had never heard of DigiStamps before...

What a fantastic idea.... you just pay to download the images.. no storage problems... you can resize pic to what ever suites your card best...
I thought this one was Really sweet!


Lorna May said...

How gorgeous are those stamps! Love the first one (used to sing that song to my boy).
Again your work is just so inspiring and blows me away, keep it up.

Anki said...

Wonderful cards and great colouring. Thank you also for your very sweet comments regarding my little snowman ;-) Wish you a great day. Kram - Anki

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