Thursday, 8 January 2009

Yes I know ... It's a Hallowen layout, I know what your thinking "A Hallowen Layout and we've just had Christmas"

But you must remember that I'm new to Scrapbooking and things take time... well maybe it shouldn't take quite this long... but hey...I've just broken my own record and posted two pages in the same month..Actually in the same week which is Amazing.

So Lorna... here it is... My Hallowen Layout complete with stitch line (at least until I have my CS3 photoshop working.)

It's Slightly rushed but please keep in mind that this is only my fourth ever layout.

Stay tuned for next page... Rachael does Barbie.

Happy Crafting

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Lorna May said...

WOW what a fun and quirky layout. I love it. It's hard to believe you are new to this scrapping game.

Also great music - one of my fav songs!

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