Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Last Day Of Christmas

Today is the 6th of January the 12th night.. the last day of Christmas so down come the trimmings.

Rachael has gone back to Uni.. Most people are back in work, unless your one of the lucky ones like myself that has managed to get a few extra days off.
I read a blog today, on it they were complaining that Christmas wasn't like it used to be.. it's to COMMERCIAL...
That so annoys me... If it's to commercial it's because they themselves are making so.
My Christmas had presents ... yes... but there was also baking, singing, family, church old friends and laughter.

Christmas is what YOU make it and if you want to get caught up in the Commercial side of things.. then go ahead. In my family we keep traditions and Christmas is what it's always been.

I should be putting the decorations away.. but instead I was slightly distracted with photos.. and scrapped this page of my Daughter when she was age between 3-4. (memory isn't what it was)

What suprises will the new year have in store for us all

Here's hoping it's a good year!

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Lorna May said...

Great work. What a gorgeous layout and such a cute subject.
Keep them coming...

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