Sunday, 7 September 2008

Poorly Pets..

Has it really been that long since i've posted..
My new years resolution next year is to be more active on my blog.

Anyway... as you can see I am a dog lover.. I think the pic above and the name of the blog sort of gives it away.
My Darling Molly, the darkest and oldest of my Basset Hounds (the sleeping dog on the left)has been very poorly..this is a dog who is so laid back she almost falls over..nothing bothers her she hasn't had a days illness in the 11 years that she has come to live with us.( I never say own as Molly is very much a free spirit).

My lovely girl was rushed in to the vets with a temp of 106 and has had a four day stay with them, placed on a drip while they frantically fort to bring down her temperature.

Boy was I worried sick to say they least and having to leave her behind.. it was heartbreaking, I felt I was letting her down when she needed me the most.
I knew that she would be well cared for and would be given what she needed to hopefully get her on the road to recovery..but I had this overwhelming sinking feeling, We wouldn't be bringing her home again.

Megan (my wild thing on the right of the photo) who is epileptic and not well herself ...cried the whole time Molly was away..
She cried on her walks.. she cried when she woke up.. she cried at meal times and stopped eating.. So it wasn't just us missing her.... We were not a happy household.
We were preparing ourselves for the worse..

But all's well that ends well.. after 4 days and fantastic care by our vets...Molly is home, back where she belongs.. They treated her for hepatitis, anyone that owns a hound will know.. when out on their walks.. will pick up the most disgusting things.

She's not 100% she has a cocktail of meds to take..
but each day she seems to be getting back to her normal laid back self...
and we are thankful for it.

It's crazy how one dog can have such effect on a household...
Peace has been restored.. and all is well...calm and happy at our home once again.

Only two more weeks for Darling Daughter to start attending Uni.

It's going to be really strange her not being here..Just my husband and myself after 19 years of never leaving her.

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Lorna May said...

What great news about Molly. It's been a worrying time for you all.

It's great to see more original Ros work. Love them both, I love how you have creatively used the stamp with the circles.
Can't wait to see more.

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