Friday, 25 June 2010

Quick Post

I've been trying to get all my housework done so that I can have some Craft Time.  But i've been out so much lately.. there's a little more work to do than first expected.  So the promised L/O's have not yet been completed. The good news is.. housework will be completed today and Craft Fun can begin.  Horrrraaaay

(I'm not looking at the decorating that needs doing... that' a project for another day lol)

Have a good weekend!


Lorna May said...

You put housework before craft...that's shocking LOL
Love the card you've posted, lovely colour combos. Are those flourishes stamp or rub on?
Another great card.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord Ros, I should be sending hundreds of these out!! Another stunner from you! Your colouring is absolutely amazing! Housework is going to happen in this house at some point this weekend and I have a list written on Andrex of the jobs I'm going to do during the summer holidays!!!

Love Anne xxx (for some reason I can't post comments as me and have to be anonymous! ugh!)

Anne said...

Hello??? Looks like I've rectified it! Wonderful card again!! :o) xx

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