Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Poem

Rachael had to Illustrate a poem called the Gold Fish.
It appealed to my sence of humour. Well it made me smile.

"Do not let your goldfish do whatever it may please.
For they have a habit of stealing car keys"

I love the expression on his face.

Here's my Scrapyland Blox #10

Sorry about the quality of the picture
Phone pic taking in poor lighting... due to flat camera battery.


Lorna May said...

Wow another great layout.
All the work that has gone into this is amazing.
The colours are gorgeous and this layout had me with the butterflies and flourishes.
Well the goldfish is so cute and has such a great expression on his face. What a funny poem love it.
Charlie will have to see this one.
Another great post.

Anne said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! LOVE the fishy - I had to seek advice about one of my 'goldfish' yesterday - it appears he may be depressed!!!!! You should have heard the tale of how I need to put it right, I said forget it, I'll get the chip pan out!!! LOL!! (I wouldn't really, we love our Bob!)

Your LO is just so special Ros, is that your hubby with your daughter? Wonderful!! Have a great weekend! :o) xx

C B Wright said...

Love the layout.aspecially the frame around the pic.I realy love the goldfish drawning,it's so artistic.

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